Wednesday, March 15, 2006


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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

US Army TRADOC, raising incompetence to a black comedy

So, my wife is down at Basic at Ft Jackson. She enlisted Aug 26 2004 and shipped 5 Jan 2005.

Now, in 1985, the AF had me in front of a large, shouting man in about 3 hours, with a postcard on the way home telling everyone I loved them and to pray for me.

NINE DAYS later, TRAining and DOCtrine Command haven't started her training--she's still in Reception, and they don't have an address for her. Nor do they know which unit she might go to.

I do. It's not hard to figure out with a quick search of the Ft Jackson website. But they don't. So her Drill is going to be boggled when she gets mail Friday or Saturday, before they've even had a chance to call home or send a postcard.

God, I love the expression people get when they're waaaaay out of their depth.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Why extreme liberals are idiots...

link here

Maureen Dowd is part of the Vast Right Wing Press in this country, so we are told. I hate to tar all liberals with her brush, as I hate to stereotype. But she's wildly popular among liberals, regarded as a profound philosopher and rennaissance woman, and adored by hordes.

The question I have is, "Why"? Or perhaps, "In the name of Vishnu and the nine bleeding hells, why?"

Quoting from and responding to her masturbation fantasy linked above:

"He threw 100,000 troops into Afghanistan on 9/11 and sealed the borders."

60,000 total infantrymen in the US Army (including the "draft dodging" Guard and Reserve liberals love to exploit for headlines and condemn for further headlines, as is convenient), divided by 5529 km of border divided by 2 soldiers per position equals one position every 184 meters or 598 feet. You could drive an armored division through there unseen, nevermind a couple of men on donkeys. This doesn't include troops necessary to support and feed the guards, plus troops necessary to scour a country the size of Texas that's mostly plateaus and mountains with nasty weather, plus troops to support them. It also assumes the two men per position stay there and don't rotate or take leave for the duration of the mission. (See? All that research I did for The Scope of Justice paid off) (And this took five minutes with Google.)

"No Iraqi explosives fell into the hands of terrorists."

As that started happening in the 1970s...

This is why Dowd and similar neolibs are neither funny nor clever.

Also, I offer the following deal: I never use the words "nigger" or "commie," I'd appreciate not hearing "neocon" tossed at anyone a crypto-fascist pseudo-liberal happens to disagrees with. And I won't use "neolib" again now that I've used it to prove a point.

Now, here's another quote from a blog:

The Fallujah debacle is a small prism through which to view the entire Bush doctrine. Plan poorly (if at all), depend upon poor and undereducated soldiers not thinking enough to stand up for their right to live, and then spread the blame around when the plan gets all @W#$ed up. Way to go, righties. Four more years of this, and then we can move on to Iran...

Posted by: Matthew | December 21, 2004 07:00 PM

I replied:

Hi. I'm one of those stupid troops you deride.

A look at my site (below) might enlighten you as to the depths of my ignorance and stupidity. (website linked in my sig)
Now, this dogma-spouting fucktard probably did graduate from high school, which tells me all I need to know about the state of public edukashun in this country, but that's another post.

What he isn't aware of is that ANY member of the US military averages higher in intellect and physical development than his peers. Hell, I've got friends on duty with PhDs, Masters in engineering, one with a degree in International Relations from Johns Hopkins. I'm an internationally published author. Ayup, huhuh. That's us. A bunch of ignorant moorons unable to tell we're being exploited for near $50K a year and free college. Damn straight. We're so stupid we actually disagree with Maureen Dowd! Why, when they drafted us, we threw up our hands in despair and gave up any hope of rebelling against the military-industrial-Haliburton complex...oh, wait...we all volunteered, or re-enlisted after the Gulf War, and clinton's Bosnia, and clinton's Haiti, and clinton's Bosnia again, and clinton's Desert Fox, and clinton's Somalia...and I'm still confused as to why those wars with no UN support are acceptable to "liberals" while our current operation is not. (Apparently, deposing dictators is only a good thing if there's no profit or interest involved. If someone might actually make a profit, then those poor peasants have to be buttfucked and fed into leaf chippers as a sad sacrifice to avoid the excesses of capitalism).

Apparently, "Matthew" thinks he's got a grasp of international events that can be summed up in one paragraph and solve the entire issue. So does Dowd.

They're either absolute geniuses or absolute fucking morons.

You be the judge.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

What IS it with liberals?

According to an article in the LA Times, the government requires publishers to seek permission before publishing works by certain dissident authors in certain nations--North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Cuba...

Amnesty is ranting about the "violation" of rights.

Now, as a Libertarian, I do disagree with this. I don't trust the government to decide whether sugar is sweeter than lemon, much less anything subjective.


I'm writing it up as a contradiction for liberals.

FIRST they claim corporations have no rights. THEN they shout "First Amendment!" when the government requires a corp to get permission before publishing something by someone not living in the US and not subject to our Constitution.

Which is it?

And I've almost reached the point of taking an automatic diametric to anything Amnesty says. They've become a flock of squawking chickens.

I mean, does anyone think a lawsuit of "My client in Iran claims his rights are being violated. He is neither a US resident nor US citizen, but claims standing," would survive ten seconds?

As to corporations, I thought liberals hated the idea of them screwing someone over for a few bucks? And possibly endangering the writer's safety in his home nation? How hard would it be to find a crooked "agent" who'd represent the writer, and just shuffle off any lawsuit that happened to come along for a few thou, while selling hundreds of thousands of copies of something by marketing it as "Banned" elsewhere? While sales skyrocket after the poor bastard is tortured and killed in jail?

Or am I being far too paranoid about the saintly people running the entertainment industry in this world?

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Hey, YOU elected these idiots!

Link here
The Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act of 2004, by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., passed the House last month and will now go to the president for his signature. "This is a great victory for the future of America's space efforts,'' Rohrabacher said. "The people who will invest the type of big dollars necessary to make this a major new step in mankind's ascent into space have been waiting for the government to lay down the regulatory regime and set the rules of the game, and this is the first major step towards doing that.''

The Good Representative seems to have missed the part of US legal theory that states that the CONSTITUTION restricts the government and the citizens can do anything they want unless there is a specific injunction AGAINST it.


I wonder if they'll define defecation and urination in law for all those people wanting to invest in the toilet market? Maybe tell us how to have sex to help the condom manufacturers?

Oh, why am I posting this? You know they'll think it's a great idea and try to do it.

CORRECTION, 15 Dec 04: Rick B filled me in on the details the article didn't quite clarify: The government wanted to regulate all such activity. The new law only regulates activity for bystanders--passengers fly at their own risk. As stated, that's not a bad idea.

I'm leaving the above because I'm not going to hide my mistakes--I used a single poor source and reached a wrong conclusion. This is a lesson.

Another dumb time-wasting online game...

Staggering Drunk

It's in German. move the mouse to keep the drunk upright. 84 meters is the record, my best is 40.

No, you can't see the mouse. It's like steering a real drunk. He's obnoxious, too. Peter, is that you?

I've finally sold out

Is it technically selling out, since making a fortune is not the main purpose of the blogosphere? Or if it is, most bloggers are obviously incompetent? Those are your rhetorical questions for the day. There will be a quiz.

As to me, I sold out long ago and make no apologies for it. I just wish I could sell myself for more.