Wednesday, January 12, 2005

US Army TRADOC, raising incompetence to a black comedy

So, my wife is down at Basic at Ft Jackson. She enlisted Aug 26 2004 and shipped 5 Jan 2005.

Now, in 1985, the AF had me in front of a large, shouting man in about 3 hours, with a postcard on the way home telling everyone I loved them and to pray for me.

NINE DAYS later, TRAining and DOCtrine Command haven't started her training--she's still in Reception, and they don't have an address for her. Nor do they know which unit she might go to.

I do. It's not hard to figure out with a quick search of the Ft Jackson website. But they don't. So her Drill is going to be boggled when she gets mail Friday or Saturday, before they've even had a chance to call home or send a postcard.

God, I love the expression people get when they're waaaaay out of their depth.